AMA boss urges the youth in Ghana to come up with new ideas


In an effort to access support from the national entrepreneurship and innovation program (NEIP), Ghanaian youths have come up with innovative ideas to showcase their skills and abilities. This development was disclosed by Mrs. Elizabeth Kwatsoe Tawiah Sackey, the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, at the VODEC Africa Entrepreneurship and Career Fair Summit 2023 held at the Accra City Hall on the theme: “Harnessing and Exploiting the 21st Century Economic Opportunities in Entrepreneurship and Career Development”

According to Mrs. Sackey, the government recognised the importance of entrepreneurship, hence the launch of the programme, which has received a seven-million-dollar grant to assist entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses to build themselves up and to help the economy grow. 

She said the government has also initiated a programme that focuses on businesses that operate in agriculture, technology, and innovation, light manufacturing, processing waste, and green businesses, as well as those with technical and vocational set-ups.

She mentioned that the youths have shown great enthusiasm and creativity in their approach to accessing the NEIP programme. “We have seen some fantastic ideas being brought forward by our young people, who are eager to make a positive impact in their communities,” she said. “They are exploring new areas such as technology, agriculture, and renewable energy, which are critical areas for the development of our nation.”

The NEIP programme was launched in 2017 by the Ghanaian government to support entrepreneurs and startups by providing them with funding, mentorship, and training to develop their businesses. The programme has been successful in empowering young people to create jobs, boost economic growth, and promote innovation.

The NEIP programme has been a critical tool in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Ghana. With the innovative ideas coming from Ghanaian youths, it is evident that the programme is achieving its goals and empowering young people to create jobs and contribute to the country’s economic development.

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