Musicians in Ghana should look beyond money and sex – Kafui Dey

Kafui Dey

Kafui Dey, a respected and award-winning Ghanaian broadcaster, recently shared his thoughts on the state of music in Ghana. He expressed his thoughts on Rainbow Entertainment on Radio Rainbow, 87.5 fm. He noted that Ghanaian music is at a crossroads and that there is a need for a renewed focus on quality and authenticity.

He added that the Ghanaian music scene has seen significant growth and development in recent years, with many talented artists emerging and gaining international recognition. However, he expressed concern that the focus on commercial success and the desire to appeal to the masses have resulted in a lack of authenticity and quality in the music being produced.

Mr. Dey argues that many Ghanaian artists are focused on creating music that will sell and become popular rather than music that is authentic and true to their roots. He believes that this has resulted in the homogenization of the music, with many artists producing music that sounds similar and lacks creativity and originality.

He lamented that Ghanaian music should not be about money or sex. Kafui Dey said, “I don’t hear musicians singing about the destruction of the environment like the Rastafarians do. The Raggae people talk about equal rights and justice. I want to see more consciousness from our musicians. It should not always be about sex and money”

To address this, he suggests that Ghanaian artists need to focus on creating music that is rooted in their culture and heritage while also incorporating modern elements to appeal to a wider audience. He also suggests that there needs to be a renewed focus on quality, with artists investing in their craft and striving for excellence in their music.

Mr. Dey’s thoughts on music in Ghana have sparked a conversation among music lovers and industry players in the country. Many agree with his assessment of the current state of the music scene and are calling for a renewed focus on authenticity and quality.

Overall, Mr. Dey’s insights and perspective on music in Ghana are valuable contributions to the ongoing conversation about the direction of the music industry in the country. As the industry continues to evolve, it is important to take into account the views of experts like Mr. Dey, who have a deep understanding of music and its cultural significance.

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