Greek protesters disregard Prime Minister’s apology over the train crash


In Greece, protests have erupted following a deadly train crash that occurred in the northern city of Thessaloniki. Despite the prime minister’s apology, tensions continue to flare as citizens demand accountability and justice for the victims.

The train crash, which happened on February 28, 2023, resulted in the deaths of 53 people and injured dozens more.

Following the crash, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis offered his condolences and apologized to the families of the victims. However, his words did little to quell the outrage of those who feel that the government has not done enough to ensure the safety of Greece’s railways.

Protesters have taken to the streets in several cities, demanding that those responsible for the crash be held accountable. Despite the resignation of the transport minister, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, the protesters are still holding the government responsible for their failure to adequately address safety concerns.

The Greek government has promised a thorough investigation into the incident, but this has done little to ease the frustration of those affected by the tragedy. Some have accused the government of neglecting the country’s infrastructure and failing to invest in safety measures that could have prevented the crash.

As the protests continue, the government faces mounting pressure to take action and address the concerns of its citizens. The incident has highlighted the need for greater accountability and transparency in Greece’s transportation sector, and many are hoping that the government will take steps to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

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