The NDA warns against wrapping fante kenkey in polyethene bags.


The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) in Ghana has warned against the use of polyethylene bags to wrap Fante kenkey before cooking, a popular local dish made from fermented cornmeal, due to health risks.

Fante Kenkey

This is due to the fact that the temperature at which the kenkey is cooked with wrapped polyethylene may cause some harmful chemicals and toxins from the plastics to be released into the food.

The FDA expressed concern about the use of polyethylene bags, which contain bisphenol A (BPA) and could release some harmful chemicals and toxins into the food, posing health risks to consumers, in a health note issued by the authority and copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The FDA has urged all food vendors and sellers to stop using polyethylene bags to wrap Fante kenkey and instead use traditional wrapping materials such as dried banana leaves, which are natural and do not release harmful chemicals when heated.

Mrs. Delese Darko, the FDA’s Chief Executive Officer, who issued the warning in the note, also stated that such materials were known to enhance the taste and smell of food, thereby improving its taste, and urged the public to ensure that hot foods were not predominantly covered in plastic bags at the point of sale.

The warning follows reports of increased use of polyethylene bags to wrap Fante kenkey in some parts of the country. The FDA has assured the public that it will increase its surveillance and enforcement activities to ensure that food safety regulations are followed.

Fante kenkey is a staple dish in Ghana, especially in the coastal regions. It is made from fermented cornmeal and is typically served with fish, soup, or sauce. The dish is well-known for its sour flavour and is popular among many Ghanaians.

The FDA’s warning serves as a reminder to food vendors and consumers alike about the importance of food safety and hygiene practices.

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