Valerie Labi Transforms Transportation with Electric Bikes in Ghana


In the bustling streets of Ghana and beyond, Valerie Labi is revolutionizing transportation through the creation of electric bikes. Fueled by her commitment to environmental sustainability, Labi’s bikes operate solely on electricity, powered by two rechargeable batteries capable of covering up to 140 kilometres on a single charge. This groundbreaking innovation ensures that delivery riders can complete a full day’s work on a single charge.

In collaboration with prominent delivery companies such as Glovo and Bolt, Labi has established a petrol-free fleet of bikes that seamlessly combines service delivery with speed and convenience. Her company and workshop, Wahu Mobility, located in Spintex, Accra, serve as the hub where skilled artisans meticulously design and construct each electric bike.

Beyond her role as a leader and entrepreneur, Ms. Labi is deeply family-oriented, married, and a mother of three. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Southampton University and a Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University, both earned in the United Kingdom.

Sharing insights into her personal interests, Labi’s hobbies encompass acoustic guitar playing, athletics, public speaking, and the joy of barbecue grilling nights. Reflecting her adventurous spirit, she reveals having visited 59 countries to date. Just last month, Labi embarked on journeys to Hong Kong, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, combining business and leisure in her globetrotting pursuits.

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