Odefille Takes Center Stage with a Stunning Showcase at Accra Fashion Week 2023


Accra Fashion Week 2023 witnessed the enchanting debut of Odefille, an urban C-Suite women’s fashion brand that skillfully redefined elegance through its distinctive fusion of tradition and innovation.

Under the enchanting melodies of the legendary Paulina Oduro, models graced the runway adorned in outfits that not only pushed boundaries but left spectators spellbound. Odefille, renowned for its sophisticated creations tailored for the modern power player, surprised and delighted the audience with a collection that elevated its signature style. Traditional Ghanaian textiles underwent a contemporary transformation, manifesting in bold asymmetrical cuts, audacious fabric pairings, and unexpected bursts of vibrant color.

Founder and Chief Executive, Nadia Asantewaa Nkandobi, shared insights into the brand’s philosophy, stating, “In the C-Suite, your power is not solely defined by your title. It is intricately woven into the very fabric of your presence. At Odefille, we believe that African fashion serves as the perfect language for the modern leaderess – a vibrant tapestry of tradition and trend that speaks volumes about your confidence, heritage, and discerning style.”

Nkandobi further explained the inspiration behind the collection, saying, “We aimed to tell a story of heritage and innovation. Ghanaian fashion boasts a rich history, and we believe it can inspire daring, forward-thinking designs that resonate with global audiences. Our participation in Accra Fashion Week provided a grand platform to showcase this fusion.”

The decision proved to be a resounding success as Odefille’s show garnered accolades from both critics and fashion enthusiasts. While thrilled with the reception, Nadia emphasized that this is just the beginning. “We are incredibly grateful for the love and support. This success reaffirms our vision of establishing a global fashion brand that celebrates African heritage while pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Anticipate even more exciting ventures from Odefille in the coming year. We are on a mission to redefine power dressing, one stunning piece at a time.”

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